RollBack Rx PC


Restore Windows when errors appear


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When errors occur in the system or a virus attacks you, your computer is not always the same after being cleaned, so it is a good idea to create restore points and restore the state of your PC back to a point before any problems existed.

RollBack Rx has been designed specifically for this very thing: to easily restore your PC to a stable state, and wipe out all the issues that have occured since.

This tool restores your entire computer, not just the errors that appear in Windows, so it will fix any error even if the operating system crashes. RollBack Rx also can be automated to take snapshots of your computer and create backup copies in just a few seconds.

The program includes all the functions on the left hand side of the screen, including instant recovery of the system, task scheduling, restoring files or searching photographs.

Trial version has limited functions.

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